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Menen is also a variation of the nauruan district's name Meneng


Municipal flag

Coat of arms

Coat of arms

Location of Menen in West-Flanders

Location of Menen in West-Flanders
Sovereign stateFlag of Belgium Belgium
Region Flemish Region
CommunityFlag of Flanders Flemish Community
Province West Flanders
Coordinates50°48′0″N 03°07′0″E / 50.8°N 3.11667°E / 50.8; 3.11667Coordinates: 50°48′0″N 03°07′0″E / 50.8°N 3.11667°E / 50.8; 3.11667
Area33.07 km²

– Males

– Females

- Density
32,413 (January 1, 2006)



980 inhab./km²
Unemployment rate8.79% (January 1, 2006)
Mean annual income€11,681/pers. (2003)
MayorGilbert Bossuyt (sp.a)
Governing partiessp.a, VLD
Postal codes8930
Area codes056

Menen (French: Menin, West Flemish dialect: Mêenn or Mêende) is a municipality located in the Belgian province of West Flanders. The municipality comprises the city of Menen proper and the towns of Lauwe and Rekkem. The city is situated on the French/Belgian border. On January 1, 2006, Menen had a total population of 32,413. The total area is 33.07 km² which gives a population density of 980 inhabitants per km².

The city of Menen gives its name to the Menin Gate in Ypres which is a monument to those killed in World War I. The gate is so called as that roads travels to Menen.

Town hall of Menen

[edit] History

Menen's position near the French border led to many sieges in the history of the city. There were as many as 22 sieges between 1579 and 1830. The city was part of France between 1668 and 1713. Vauban turned Menen into a model-fortification (1679-1689). The city was besieged and taken by the duke of Marlborough's allied Army in August 1706. A new art museum, the Stadsmuseum ’t Schippershof, opened in 1999 which holds many works by Menen-born sculptress Yvonne Serruys. The Mayor of City is Gilbert Bossuyt. He is a member of the socialist party called SP.A.

[edit] Towns

Menen, towns and neighbours. The yellow areas are urban areas.

The municipality of Menen consists of Menen proper, Lauwe and Rekkem. In the area of Rekkem, there's also the hamlet Paradijs, separated by Rekkem proper by the A14/E17. In addition to the central town, Menen proper also contains the parishes and districts De Barakken and Ons Dorp. Menen proper is mainly located north of the Leie, Lauwe and Rekkem are located south of the river. The urban area of the city of Menen is directly connected with the urban area of the French municipality Halluin.

#NameAreaPopulation (2006)




- Menen

- De Barakken

- Ons Dorp









- Rekkem

- Paradijs





The municipality of Menen borders the following villages:

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  • Official website - Available in Dutch, English, French and German (see head of site)

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