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13.5 cm K 09

13.5 cm Kanone 09
Typeheavy field gun
Place of originGermany
Service history
Used by German Empire
WarsWorld War I
Production history
Number builtabout 200
Weight14,360 pounds (6,510 kg)
Barrel length189 inches (4.8 m) (L/35.6)

Shell31.7 kilograms (70 lb)
Caliber135 millimetres (5.3 in)
Carriagebox trail
Elevation-5° to +26°
Muzzle velocity635 m/s (2,085 ft/s)
Maximum range16,500 yards (15,100 m)

The 13.5 cm Kanone 09 (13.5 cm K 09) was a heavy field gun used by Germany in World War I. It was intended to supplement the 10 cm K 04. Only four were in service on the outbreak of the war [1]. It was withdrawn from service in 1915 as too much gun for too little shell, but was returned to service later in the war when the Allied blockade began to affect German ammunition production.

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[edit] Notes

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