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Wan Fulin

Wan Fulin

1880 - 1951
AllegianceFlag of the Republic of China Republic of China

Wan Fulin (万福麟) (1880 - 1951) was the military governor of Heilongjian province from 1928, and part of the Fengtian clique. On Dec 29th 1928, Wan Fulin along with Zhang Xueliang, son of late Zhang Zuolin, together with Zhang Zuoxiang, against Japanese threats and coercion, declared in a public wire that the four provinces of Feng [Liaoning], Ji [Jilin], Hei [Heilongjiang], & Ri [Rehe] would change the flag to that of the Republic of China, and obey the National Government.

During the Mukden Incident he was in Peiking, cut off from his province of Heilongjiang, by the Japanese invasion of Liaoning and Jilin provinces. Zhang Xueliang promoted Ma Zhanshan Governor of Heilongjiang Province in his place. After the Northeastern Army retreated from Manchuria he commanded its 32nd Corps including the 139th Division at Lengkou Pass during the Defense of the Great Wall in 1933. Afterward Wan Fulin commanded 53rd Corps retained in Northern China while most of the Northeastern Army was sent to Northwestern China to fight the Communists.

After the Marco Polo Bridge Incident he sent a brigade to reinforce 29th Corps during the Battle of Beiping-Tianjin. His 53rd Corps also fought in the following Peiking – Hankow Railway Operation and Tianjin–Pukou Railway Operation. He commanded the 26th Army in the Battle of Wuhan. During the war he was the chairman of the Liaoning province government in exile and from 1942 to 1945 he was a Member of the National Military Council. He died in 1951.


  • Jun 1928 - Aug 1928 Military governor Heilongjian province

  • Jan 1929 - Oct 1931 Chairmen of the Heilongjian province government

  • Nov 1931 - 1933 Commanded 32nd Corps of Northeastern Army

  • 1935 - 1938 General Officer Commanding 53rd Corps

  • Jul 1937 - Aug 1945 Chairmen of the Liaoning (Fengtian) province government

  • 1937 Deputy Commander in Chief 20th Army Group

  • 1937 Deputy Commander in Chief 1st Army Group

  • 1938 General Officer Commanding 26th Army

  • 1942 - 1945 Member of the National Military Council

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  • The Generals of WWII

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