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Battle of West Henan–North Hubei Order of battle

Western Honan - N. Hupei Border Campaign (Late March -Late May, 1945)


[edit] Japan

  • (Mid March 1945)[1]

Northern Hupei Command - Sinnosuke Sasaki

39th Infantry Brigade Group

231st Infantry Regiment

232nd Infantry Regiment

233rd Infantry Regiment

39th Recon regiment

39th Field Artillery Regiment

39th Engineer Regiment

39th Transport Regiment

16th Independent Infantry Battalion

17th Independent Infantry Battalion

18th Independent Infantry Battalion

19th Independent Infantry Battalion

20th Independent Infantry Battalion

artillery troops

labor troops.

Western Honan Command (12th Army) - Takashi Takamori

3rd Infantry Brigade Group

6th Infantry Regiment

68th Infantry Regiment

34th Infantry Regiment

3rd Field Artillery Regiment

3rd Cavalry Regiment

3rd Engineer Regiment

3rd Transport Regiment

59th Infantry brigade

82nd, 83rd, 84th, 85th Independent Infantry Battalions

60th Infantry brigade

86th, 118th, 119th, 120th Independent Infantry Battalions

Signal communication unit

labor troops

transport team

110th Infantry Regiment

139th Infantry Regiment

163rd Infantry Regiment

6th Field Artillery Regiment

Mountain Artillery squadron

40th Independent Engineer regiment

25th Transport Regiment

85th Infantry Brigade

26th, 27, 28, 29 Independent Infantry Battalions

86th Infantry brigade

30th, 385, 386, 387 Independent Infantry Battalions

87th Infantry brigade - (headquarters Kaifeng)

203rd, 204th, 205th, 206th Independent Infantry Battalions

88th Infantry brigade (headquarters Zhengzhou)

388th, 389th, 390th, 391st Independent Infantry Battalions

46th, 47th, 48th, 49th, 50th Independent Infantry Battalions

artillery troops

labor troops

signal communication unit.

61st, 62nd, 63rd, 64th, 65th Independent Infantry Battalions

artillery troops

labor troops

signal communication unit.

4th Cavalry Regiment

25th Cavalry Regiment (in Huaiyang)

26th Cavalry Regiment (in 商邱)

13th Tank Regiment

17th Tank Regiment

3rd Mobile Infantry regiment (in Lushan, Baofeng),

3rd mobile artillery regiment (in Xiangcheng, Lushan, Ye County)

Quick-firing artillery team (in Shan county)

reconnaissance troops (in Ye County)

labor troops (in Wang village)

AA team (in Ying bridge).

Military transport units (1,000+ transport vehicles)

[edit] China

  • (Mid March 1945)

1st War Area - Hu Tsun-nan (acting)

  • 31st Army Group - Wang Chun-lien

  • 27th Corps - Hsieh Fusan

47th Division

4th Provincial Division

28th Division

64th Provincial Division (uncommitted)

  • 78th Corps - Lai Ju-hsiung

New 42nd Division

New 43rd Division

New 44th Division

  • 85th Corps - Wu Shao-chao

23rd Division

110th Division

55th Provincial Division

  • 89th Corps -

62nd Provincial Division

New 1st Division

  • 4th Army Group - Pei Chang-hui (acting)

  • 38th Corps - Chang Yao-ming

17th Division

New 35th Division ?

  • 96th Corps - Li Hsing-chung

(main force) New 35th Division ?

(main force) 117th Division

  • 90th Corps - Yen Ming

61st Division

7th Division (from 3rd Corps)

  • 40th Corps - Ma Fa-wu

39th Division

106th Division

New 40th Division

  • Western Honan Garrison - Liu Ju-ming

  • 15th Corps - Wu Ting-lin

64th Division

65th Division

55th Provincial Division (97th Corps)

  • Hopei Chahar War Area - Kao Shu-hsun

  • New 8th Corps - Hu Po-han

New 6th Division

29th Provincial Division

5th War Area - Liu Chih

  • North Hupei Right Force [ 33rd Army Group ] -Feng Chih-an

  • 59th Corps - Liu Chen-san

38th Division

180th Division

53rd Division

  • 77th Corps - Ho Chi-feng

132nd Division

179th Division

  • 69th Corps - Mi Wen-ho

181st Division

28th Provincial Division

  • Western Honan Left Force [ 2nd Army Group ] - Liu Ju-ming

  • 55th Corps -Tsao Fu-lin

29th Division

74th Division

81st Division

  • 68th Corps - Liu Ju-chen

119th Division

143rd Division

36th Provincial Division

  • Western Honan Center Force [ 22nd Army Group ] - Sun Chen

  • 41st Corps - Tseng Su-sheng

122nd Division

124th Division

  • 45th Corps - Chen Ting-hsun

125th Division

127th Division

  • 47th Corps - Li Tsung-fang

104th Division

178th Division

  • 1st Provisional Corps

16th Artillery Regiment

4th Engineer Regiment

  • 10th War Area - Li Pin-hsien

  • Army in Response - Fu Li-ping

9th Provisional Corps

3rd Division

4th Replacement Division

13th Division

20th Division

27th Provincial Division

173rd Division

Note: A total of 148,000 men and 4 Airforce groups.[2]

[edit] References

  1. ^ Hsu Long-hsuen and Chang Ming-kai, History of The Sino-Japanese War Pg. 452. 抗日战争时期的侵华日军序列沿革 (Order of battle of the Japanese army that invaded China during the Sino Japanese War)

  2. ^ Hsu Long-hsuen and Chang Ming-kai, History of The Sino-Japanese War Pg. 453

[edit] Sources

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