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Lo Fidelity Allstars

Lo Fidelity Allstars
OriginLondon, United Kingdom
Years active1996-present
Label(s)Skint Records 1997-2007 Corsair Records 2008 to present
WebsiteLo Fidelity Allstars Official website
Andy Dickinson

Johnny Machin

Dale Maloney

Phil Ward

Martin Whiteman
Former members
Dave Randall

John Stone

The Lo Fidelity Allstars are an electronica group who have recorded since the late 1990s. Their members originate from various cities in Northern England where they were formed in Leeds, before relocating first to London where they came to the attention of major record labels. After signing to Skint Records the band relocated once again to Brighton on the south coast, where the label is based.

Their earlier work is noted for genre-crossing stylings, distorted, morose, and at times alien lyrics, distinctive funk bass lines, and extensive use of lo-fi recording practices (although it would be a stretch to call the style of the music as a whole "lo-fi", in the more traditional sense). This work is best exemplified by their 1998 debut album How To Operate With A Blown Mind on Skint Records. At this time, the Lo Fidelity Allstars were credited by pseudonyms rather than their actual names. After its release, the band's lead vocalist David Randall (credited as The Wrekked Train) left shortly followed by the keyboard player "Sheriff" John Stone. For their second studio album, Don't Be Afraid of Love, the members of the band discarded their pseudonyms in favor of using their real names.

Before the split, they found time to record a mix album On the Floor at the Boutique (a follow-up to Fatboy Slim's mix album of the same name) containing an unsurprisingly eclectic selection of tracks, including 2 short tracks recorded by the original line-up especially for the mix: "You're Never Alone With A Clone," and "Bootsy Call". Another track, "Many Tentacles Pimping On The Keys," was also included which was released previously as "Disco Machine Gun Part 2" on the Disco Machine Gun single released in 1997.

Though the group's later work leans more towards pop electronica than the brooding techno sounds of How To Operate With A Blown Mind, the lyrics of the group continue to be at times alien, or at the very least, off-color. The 2002 album Don't Be Afraid of Love includes a number of guest vocalists, including funk legend Bootsy Collins.

2007 saw the release on Skint Records of double CD Warming Up the Brain Farm: The Best Of, a compilation featuring tracks from the first two albums along with rare and unreleased tracks.

The group have recently finished working on their third studio album "Northern Stomp", featuring the tracks "Northern Stomp", "Smash and Grab World" and "Southside Lowdown" (featuring Greg Dulli). The album is set for release around Easter 2009 on Corsair Records.


[edit] Solo work and individual projects

When David Randall and John Stone left they briefly set up as a new group called The Big Sleep and recorded a live mix for BBC Radio 1's Mary Anne Hobbs show.

In the gap between work on the second and third albums the Lo Fidelity Allstars took on yet another set of pseudonyms to perform live as the group "Technically Men". A 10 track album of the same name has received a limited release.

in 2008 Phil Ward launched a solo project as "Lord Ward" releasing the singles "Brooklyn Blister" and "Rich Boys In Strip Clubs" on Corsair Records. He continues to play DJ sets around the world under both the "Lo-Fidelity Allstars" and "Lord Ward" banners.

[edit] Lineup

[edit] How To Operate With A Blown Mind

  • The Wrekked Train (Dave Randall): vocals

  • The Albino Priest (Phil Ward): decks/samples

  • A One Man Crowd Called Gentle (Andy Dickinson): bass

  • The Slammer (Johnny Machin): drums

  • Sheriff John Stone: additional keys

  • The Many Tentacles (Martin Whiteman): engineering/keys

  • The Disco Bison: "Loves Disco Music"

  • Matt Harvey: keyboards

[edit] Don't Be Afraid Of Love

  • Andy Dickinson

  • Johnny Machin

  • Dale Maloney

  • Phil Ward

  • Martin Whiteman

[edit] Discography




  • "Kool Roc Bass" (1997) #90 UK

  • "Disco Machine Gun" (1997) #50 UK

  • "Vision Incision" (1998) #30 UK

  • "Battle Flag" featuring Pigeonhed (1998) #36 UK, #6 US Modern Rock [1]

  • "Blisters On My Brain" (1998)

  • "Lo Fi's in Ibiza" (2001)

  • "Sleeping Faster" (2002) #77 UK

  • "Feel What I Feel" (2003) #101 UK

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