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Elvir Laković Laka

Elvir Laković (left) performing "Pokušaj" on the first semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Elvir Laković, also known as Laka, is a Bosnian rock singer, born in Goražde, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He attended a lower music school there studying guitar, but he disliked the school's teaching methods and views towards music, and then subsequently quit the school.

During his early aspiring music career, Laka played popular Bosnian folk songs at café building minor popularity.

Laka recorded his first song "Malo sam se razočar'o" (I'm a little bit disappointed) in 1998. The song turned out to be a major success, and launched his show business career nationally, and then released more songs, among which were "Vještica" (The Witch), "Mor'o" (I had to) and "Piškila" (You've peed yourself), highly increasing his popularity in Bosnia.

In 2004, Laka left for New York City, where he tried to start a band, but returned to Bosnia unsuccessful and a little bit disappointed after two-and-a-half years. However, he then released his first solo album Zec (Rabbit) in 2007.

In 2003, his song "Ja sam mor'o" won the Bosnia Davorin music award for the best rock song of the year. The album Zec has also been released in Croatia on the Menart record label.

Laka represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with his song "Pokušaj".

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